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Plastic Seat Covers


Plastic seat covers and steering wheel protectors give an added level of durability to seats and steering wheels. Before plastic, the material of choice for these items was leather, but in recent years these constructions have turned to plastic as a more durable and affordable material. Protecting seats and steering wheels reduces wear and tear on upholstery as well as making it less likely that the seat will need to be replaced in the case of a spill or some other mishap.

A Disposable Insurance Policy

Plastic covers of this variety are a great way to stop liquid-based spills from hitting the upholstery covering a car seat. These spills can lead to serious damage or ruin for your seat, depending on the type of substance that spills. Stains can happen at inopportune moments and some spills even carry with them offensive smells that might lead to a client being very angry that their car suddenly smells awful. Our disposable car seat covers serve as a great way of stopping these problems before they occur.

Choose Our Covers For Strong Protection

Not all of the plastic disposable car seat covers we provide are built to do the same sort of job. Some of these seat covered are built to be lightweight, easy to handle and maneuver and developed to cover a wide area to protect it from potential spills. These are still built to deal with rough handling but tend to be a lot easier to lay down and to remove. For those companies that have a need for a more heavy-duty type of seat cover, we provide a premium seat cover that is both lightweight as well as flexible, but able to stand up to even the most strenuous operating conditions without failing.

Not All Seat Protection is the Same

When you're looking for a seat protection solution that fits your needs, you have to find one that is both easy to use as well as able to handle tough situations. At CSI Essentials, we are aware of this and because of that, we stock plastic seat protection in all varieties and thickness, ensuring that you have a solution for your problem. Contact us today to find out more about our available plastic covers and learn about our bulk shipping initiatives and how you can save by ordering more from us. Contact us today!