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Plastic Floor Mats - Roll - FREE SHIPPING

Plastic Floor Mats - Roll - FREE SHIPPING


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Plastic Floor Mate 3-Ply co-extruded roll of 500. A sturdy plastic floor mat liner for carpet protection. A favorite for used car dealers and detail shops and an economical way to show your customers that you care.




Plastic Floor Mats Roll Free Shipping




Do you own a used car dealership? Do you own a detailing shop? Even if you don’t own either of these kinds of businesses, you can still make use of this plastic floor mat liner to protect the carpets of your precious vehicle. These particular mats are great for dealerships and detailing shops because they feature a message that lets your customers know you care about them. The plastic will help to keep any dirt or moisture off of the carpets, which are two things that can cause stains. It’s also easy to store these mats because they come on a roll of 500. They can be placed on a dispensing device and pulled off one after the other, which makes them perfect for a shop that goes through a large quantity of disposable plastic floor mats.




A Simplistic Plastic Floor Mat That Gets the Job Done




When it comes to protecting the floorboards of a car, there’s nothing better to do than simply place a covering over them. These mats are perfect for someone who wants to make sure their vehicle is clean at all times, and they are also great for people who own businesses that deal with cars on a regular basis. There’s no reason to spend a fortune on elaborate floor mats when these simple ones will do the job they are supposed to do, and also let your customers know that you appreciate their business.




If the plastic mat happens to get soiled, then simply pull it out of the car and replace it with a fresh one. The mats will last for several weeks if you want to keep them in your car for extended periods of time, which is not a bad idea considering how much it would cost to replace the floorboards in your vehicle. Whether you want to let your customers know that you care or you just want to keep your car clean, these plastic floor mats will help you preserve the value of your vehicle.


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