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Paper/Plastic Floor Mats

CSI Essentials offers disposable floor mats for automotive service departments. We offer the largest variety of customizable floor mats for all purposes. Customization with logos and custom messages is available. Please phone us for a detailed quote or for volume orders. Distributors and Retail customers are welcome.

Paper Floor Mats

CSI Essentials' printed paper floor mats are an innovative way of getting your marketing message across while at the same time being durable and useful.

More than Just a Paper Floor Mat

These mats come in a variety of different designs and descriptions. Some of them even have adhesive backing on them to ensure that they don't fall prey to the most annoying thing about car mats - the tendency for them to shift around during journeys. For those cars that are involved with heavy-duty transport, mats infused with latex can serve as a very good solution that doesn't need to be replaced as often. Rolls of paper mats are another option, allowing for a constant stream of mat distribution to fit any business need.

Customizable Paper Floor Mats as a Protective Device

CSI Essentials' paper floor mats for cars ensure that your car is protected and remains clean. Some car owners try to cover their own mats in temporary mats to give those mats a longer lifespan. These paper mats are ideal for that purpose, providing temporary protection to rubber or latex mats that car owners might prefer to keep as an accent within the interior of their cars.

Brand Your Paper Floor Mats

Our Paper floor mats are a very good way to spread your brands message while at the same time providing a simple, useful product. Branded marketing is a surefire way to introduce people to your business and to encourage them to become customers. If you're interested in these printed paper mats (coated or infused), check out the variety of mats we have below, ready for customization and ready to be shipped!