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Lube Stickers

Why Lube Stickers?

Static Cling Lube Reminder stickers are used by virtually every service facility that offers lubrication services. Please examine the range of choices we offer: Printing supplies and machines so that dealers and service facilities can be sure that each car that leaves has a reminder when to return. Please phone us for special deals.


Let's be honest - no one ever remembers when they're supposed to change their oil on their own vehicles, what makes you think they'll remember to change their oil on their company vehicles? For companies that offer oil change and other lube services, these static cling stickers are the best idea to remind owners when their vehicle is due for a change. These come with easy-to-read printed faces and adhesive backs making it a simple matter of positioning the lube stickers where they can be visible all the time.


Oil Changes and Maintenance

As with all mechanical devices, if you don't maintain them often and on a schedule, they are liable to break down. Vehicles have the unerring ability to find the worst possible moment to stop working. We usually think this because the moment they stop working is the moment we need them to work for us. Regular maintenance is one way to avoid having to deal with the problem of a breakdown. As a vehicle gets older, maintenance must be scheduled more often in order to ensure that the vehicle remains in proper working condition. Having a handy reminder of when an oil change is due allows an owner or a vehicle operator to inform the relevant people that their vehicle needs to be checked and optimized.

Companies that invest in these lube stickers tend to find that their customers keep coming back to them, time after time. The reason is simple - a mechanic that gives you an idea when the vehicle needs to be checked again is one that understands that vehicle maintenance is an ongoing issue. Many vehicle owners are terrible at estimating dates and times, especially when it comes to oil changes and other routine maintenance. These take customer service to a new level by informing them well ahead of the date when their next scheduled checkup is expected to happen.

Helping your Customers

Companies that aid their customers are the ones that customers like, and the ones they're more likely to send other people to. If you want your company to fall into that category, you should consider ordering some of them as soon as possible. CSI Essentials even encourages buyers to order in bulk to increase their savings and to spend less overall on shipping costs. Contact us today to find out more about our bulk shipping initiatives, or if you're just interested in ordering a single set of lube stickers!