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Key Drop Boxes / Night Envelopes

After Hours Key Drop Boxes

Many companies require an employee or watchman to have access to the keys to the establishment in order to facilitate deliveries.These companies usually choose to have well-secured after hours key drop boxes as a safety measure to ensure that the keys aren't carelessly left where they could be taken advantage of. Key drop boxes are a major part of being responsible about the safety of a business' premises. To this end, when owners are looking at key drop boxes, they should try to find one that is secure and offers protection, but can also be easily labeled to ensure that no mix-ups occur.

After Hours Key Drop Boxes and Security

Key drop boxes have been around for a long time and have gone through a lot of different iterations. Many deliveries to busy streets tend to happen after hours and the responsibility for being present might not always fall to the owner. A trusted employee is sometimes tasked with holding onto the keys, or they are placed in a secure location to ensure that delivery personnel have access to the warehouse to deliver the requisite goods. Additionally, envelopes can be used to record who the key went out to along with license numbers or ID numbers to allow for easy tracking in the case of a problem.

Drop-Off Points

For each of the above scenarios, a drop off point is usually provided by the company to allow for the keys to be deposited so that they can be picked up the next morning and the proper forms filled out to indicate the keys were returned. these night key boxes are made to be secure because the keys to a business place (even if it's just the warehouse) is an important feature and precautions must be taken to ensure that security protocols are followed.

Choosing Secure Solutions

CSI Essentials knows how much the security of a business place matters to the owners and has done research into the products provided to ensure that our clients get the best. We provide both night drop-off boxes that are sturdy and secure as well as key drop box envelopes that add to the security of the compound while not infringing on the owner's freedom. Contact us today to find out more about our after hours drop boxes!