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Coated Embossed Paper Car Floor Mats - Free Shipping

Coated Embossed Paper Car Floor Mats - Free Shipping

20.00 LBS

Product Description

Embossed Superior Photomat is made from high quality waterproof photo paper. This coated Paper Floor Mat is waterproof on both sides. Use this unique and special plasticized Paper Floor Mat where others disintegrate and fall apart from moisture and rough handling. The embossed surface of this plasticized Paper Floor Mat make it stiffer than the ordinary paper mat and keeps it in place.

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Available only in cases of 250





Coated Paper Car Floor Mats - Embossed




Car Floor mats serve as a place for people to rest their feet when entering vehicles. In vehicles that have a high rate of use, the floor mats that ship with the vehicle need to be given an extra layer of protection to ensure that they don't get worn out before time. A coated paper car floor mat is one of the most cost effective methods of giving a passenger a place to rest his or her feet while at the same time protecting the interior of a vehicle.




More Than A Paper Car Floor Mats




Many paper car floor mats tend to crumple and fold when they are subjected to regular wear and tear. CSI Essentials has managed to find a coated paper car floor mat that goes above and beyond the call of duty, providing a waterproof photo-paper surface that is embossed (to make it more sturdy) and plasticized to make for a more sturdy paper car floor mat. This mat can stand up to rough usage and any sort of dripping water, allowing for even better protection for the internal mats of a vehicle.




Mats and Weather




One of the things that a lot of vehicle owners know is that the weather can affect how much abuse a mat has to take. Wet weather tends to be a lot harder on mats and because of this mats in rainier conditions tend to fail easier. These coated paper car floor mats can stand up to a certain amount of moisture and because of their plasticized nature, they are well equipped to deal with rainy conditions. This is good news for any mats being protected by these paper floor mats.




Quality and Reliability




The terms quality and reliability are not the ones people usually think of when they consider paper floor mats. Paper mats of regular construction usually fail after the first use, sometimes not even making it that far. CSI Essentials has put a lot of time and effort into finding paper mats that to represent these qualities and invite you to try them. Contact us today to experience what a truly reliable and durable paper car floor mat is supposed to be like.






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